Chesapeake Sailing, Sept 2011

I just made it back from a nice little hike out on a nice little trail in Atlanta. Gotta get my training in where I can, after all. In any case, I was on the trail so naturally I was thinking about…sailing. Funny the way the mind works. It did occur to me that I never wrote up my two week little cruise from last September. Well, it’s too late now for any hope of an accurate write up; but I can throw some pictures up from the trip. The whole album is here, including a lot of so so photos, a bunch of which are geotagged if you are interested in checking them out on a map. The chronological order seemed to get screwed up. Below is a nice little selection…

My homebuilt Apple Pie Dinghy tows well

Penny The Cat Enjoying the evening after a long day’s sail

Tied up in Annapolis

Penny The Cat trying to find anyplace she can to grab a nap

The dinghy tows well

Debris from Hurricane Irene

Sailing Wing and Wing with my boat hook rigged up as a

poor man’s whisker pole

The Oxford Inn’s Pope’s Mobile

Anchored in Spa Creek Annapolis

Nicole keeping fit by hula hooping on a Bristol 27. Travis

and Nicole were on their way to the Dominican Republic.

Ego Alley early morning

The bridge I had to negotiate to get to my anchorage on

Spa Creek

You try telling a cat to not be wandering the deck while

under sail. Good luck.

There was a fair amount of shipping

Ashley aboard the Flicka “Sweet Pea”

Flicka “Sweet Pea”

At anchor in Dunn Cove


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