link: Rigging Simplicity & The Con of Leading Lines Aft


Just re-ran across a blog post by Ben at Sailing Simplicity about keeping halyards at the mast.

I have to admit to much preferring my halyards to remain at the mast for many of the reasons articulated here. The big reasons are:

ONE, I can’t see the sail from the main halyard winch under the dodger (and from where I don’t get full throw on the winch handle).

TWO, because I always seem to need to spend time at the mast (often going back and forth two or three times) anyhow to unjam the slugs, remove or install sail ties and cover, unhook the battens from the lazy jacks,  attach the reefing tack (and suck in the lines on the clew). I suppose I could install single line reefing; but with multiple reefs this just seems like a spaghetti nightmare. A sail pack may help with some of the rest. But I don’t mind working at the mast, and that just seems simpler.

In any case, there is a decent discussion at the linked post. Well worth a few minutes.

Small boat blog

I neither endorse, nor condemn small boat sailing. It’s a personality thing. It either works for you, or it doesn’t. However, being a small boat guy myself, I will admit to a secret pleasure I have reading about small boat voyagers. Ah, but I will be out there eventually!

Today’s newest blog of interest is about a young couple cruising on an Albin Vega sailboat (27′). I’ve only read a portion of their blog so far; but I’m enjoying it. Check out They have a nice series of videos I’ve sampled as well ( Go ahead, you know you want to…

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Joshua Slocum

Been busy at work. Real busy. With all the beautiful weather we’ve been having, it seems that most of my days off are gray. Or I’ve worked overnight and need to sleep half the day away. The boat sits neglected, my housekeeping declines, and it is easy to enter a funk. But the Big Adventure plan still gnaws at me. In the meantime, I did find a very good documentary on Joshua Slocum on Youtube. If you’re the kind of person who knows who he is, it is worth a look.

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Deer Ticks are Assholes

Wanna learn something about Lyme Disease and why deer ticks are assholes? Check out this piece over on The Good Badger (a site I just accidentally ran across and will soon be exploring more fully…so far, quite recommended)…

Lyme disease sucks, man. I know several people who got it. My sister is still feeling the effects years later. Not too long ago I had some weird shit happening to me (weird and violent muscle twitches, memory loss, joint pain, strange fainting spells, and even what initially looked like a heart attack). The doctors didn’t know what the hell was going on; but after spending a few days in intensive care they pumped me full of every antibiotic under the sun for a week or two. After that I couldn’t even catch a cold for two years. I don’t know if it was lyme or not; but for the sake of argument, lets just say it was.

Did I mention it sucks? Yeah.

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