Hawaii or bust?

I hate to make detailed plans about the Big Adventure too far in advance.  Far too many things could derail or detour the grand plans, and it just seems a little smarter to keep things simple until I know for certain what kind of circumstances I’ll be leaving with (meaning money, the condition of the boat, my health, world political issues, the zombie apocalypse, the worlds rotation suddenly reversing because of those pesky Mayan calendar makers, whatever).


I had just had a thought. Every even numbered years the San Francisco Single Handed Sailing Society runs the Single Handed TransPac race, San Francisco to Hawaii. If I were to leave on the sailing portion of the Big Adventure at the end of 2014, I could spend a year and a half cruising to the Caribbean, through the Panama Canal, and north up the west coast of the Americas and could, maybe, make the late June start date of the 2016 race? Maybe?

OK, I’m probably stretching a bit here; but I’m allowed to dream. And, well, you never know…

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