Looking forward…

It’s a funny thing. As I get closer to finishing the mods and improvements I’ve always envisioned to s/v Godot, I get much closer to buying the next boat.

Living aboard and fairly extensive travel is still the goal, and my valiant little Seafarer 24 is just too small. Believe me, this is causing me a fair amount of stress as I have grown to love my little boat in the years since I’ve owned her.

She (even modest little yachts like mine, are properly always girls) wasn’t always the diamond of my eye. It took quite awhile for my little boat to earn my love, as she just wasn’t what I really wanted  when I bought her. But with time, as we grew together and I put my blood, money, and sweat into her, I really began to appreciate her strong points and forgive her her superficial cosmetic issues that didn’t quite live up to my ideal. I’ve begun to trust her to look after me when things get just a little too unpleasant. I suppose that’s what love is, really, looking beyond the superficial to appreciate her heart and soul. And this boat has heart and soul. How am I going to sell her? Will a new owner love her as much as I’ve grown to? God, I hope so.

But I need to look to the future, and my baby just isn’t suited to what I hope to do. Why do I feel guilty? She is, after all, just a thing, a hunk of glass fiber and resin. Right? Why do I need to work so hard to convince myself?

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