RIP, Penny the Cat :-(

We are heartbroken.

A couple of weeks ago we found Penny the Cat on the front lawn, dead. She had been gone all night and we were worried. When I went to work in the AM she was nowhere to be found. It appears that sometime during the day she made her way back to the house to die. I’m not sure what happened, as there was no apparent injuries. I suspect, however, that she got into some poison. There are other cats that are missing in the neighborhood as well, so I’m beginning to think there is something really hazardous out there.

Cats are safest indoors. But, some cats, like Penny, cannot tolerate being cooped up inside the house. Reluctantly I let her out. It’s a dangerous world.

I have plenty of happy memories, though. Penny came when called, would be excited when we came out, and loved to chase the laser light and attack her stuffed bumble bee. Penny really was a great sailing cat, comfortable and playful while aboard, and once she figured out that she didn’t want to get wet, fairly cautious. Here are a few photos from some recent trips. We miss her a lot.

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