Winter Solstice

It’s officially winter. Yay. Notice the exclamation point on the banner. That means I love this time of year.

Except, of course, I’m lying.

I’ve got the worst case of self diagnosed SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). It’s unseasonably warm this weekend, which is nice, but not enough to shake me out of my funk. I really, really want to head out on an adventure. This would be the perfect winter weekend to make a break for warmer climes. Alas, the bank account is a bit anemic and I’m going to have to keep working for a while longer.

Perhaps I need a project. Something to achieve. Being as I own a boat, there is no shortage, of course. I just need to get off my tail and begin. I’m thinking the modification to the cabin table is the right place to start. The table takes up a little too much room, so needs shortening. Thinking about that makes me just a little happier.

The good news: today, being the shortest day of the year, also marks the return of sunshine. Just a little more daylight every day from here on out. In a little over three months, early sailing season should begin. And that really will warrant an exclamation point.