Deer Ticks are Assholes

Wanna learn something about Lyme Disease and why deer ticks are assholes? Check out this piece over on The Good Badger (a site I just accidentally ran across and will soon be exploring more fully…so far, quite recommended)…

Lyme disease sucks, man. I know several people who got it. My sister is still feeling the effects years later. Not too long ago I had some weird shit happening to me (weird and violent muscle twitches, memory loss, joint pain, strange fainting spells, and even what initially looked like a heart attack). The doctors didn’t know what the hell was going on; but after spending a few days in intensive care they pumped me full of every antibiotic under the sun for a week or two. After that I couldn’t even catch a cold for two years. I don’t know if it was lyme or not; but for the sake of argument, lets just say it was.

Did I mention it sucks? Yeah.

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