Almost ready to go

A hugely productive day, yet there always seems to be more to do.

New head (porta-potty style toilet) installed. That was a pain. It’s an MSD version so it is plumbed for deck pump out. Not as easy as it looks.

Water fill moved far away from the head waste deck fitting. Way more time consuming than expected because the old water fill was one inch while the new one is inch and a half. Sounds easy; but I spent too much time running around looking for parts. I do feel better now that the opportunity for contamination has been eliminated.

Mainsail bent on. Storm jib set up and tested. Broken cleat replaced. New deck cleat installed.

Jeez, it seemed like I did so much more. But this is enough. The major projects are all done. I need to install the new cockpit locker seat tops (the epoxy hadn’t cured when I left for the marina this morning), which hopefully won’t take much more than an hour or two. And the boat needs to be cleaned and organized. And provisioned. And I need to finish getting the dinghy put back together (shouldn’t take too long) and somehow find a way to get it to the boat (I miss my truck).

Mow the lawn. Grab the cat. And away I go.

I hope to leave by 1600 or so, and make it to Veazey Cove. The weather report suggests that Monday is not a particularly great day to head down the Delaware Bay (contrary wind), so I’m going to try and make it all the way to Cape May on Sunday. That will be something like a 16 hour day. Long, but nothing I haven’t done before. It looks like the wind is really going to pick up (as in 40 knots up) late next week, so I don’t want to dally. If I can leave Cape May on Monday, I hope to be able to get to Martha’s Vineyard as early as late Wednesday, or maybe sometime Thursday (even averaging 3 knots I should be there by early Friday). This should keep me ahead of the junk. I think.

Plans are subject to reality. We’ll see how it all works out.

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